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Child Custody, Support & Visitation


Raising children alone is not easy. We sometimes need some assistance in order to provide the normal necessities that children require. Financial support has to come from somewhere to keep up with their demands. Financial support can come from a spouse, the state, or the individual responsible for the child.

Simple Legal Solutions can inform you of your options when financial support is needed. We can help you prepare legal forms and guide you through the court system. We will get you the money that you deserve in order to raise your children adequately. Call us for a free consultation at (714) 836-0300


Divorce can be difficult for all parties, especially the children. The State recognizes two types of custody, legal and physical custody. Legal custody is when the responsible individual makes decisions for that child. Physical custody involves where the child lives, which includes the costs incurred for raising the child. Joint custody is when parties are equally responsible for legal and physical matters of the child.

We can assist in all the matters involved around custody issues. The interest of the child must be considered in order to achieve positive results. We will untangle any situation to better the situation.


This is when one parent has physical custody of a child(ren) and the other is requesting visitation orders. This allows for normalcy to the child and gives the other parent time to spend with the child.
We will aid you in setting up time guidelines or a schedule in order to establish a structured routine for the child. These matters can be very difficult to all parties, but you can do it, we can help.
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Where To Find Simple Legal Solutions?


Where to Find Simple Legal Solutions

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